Doug Griffiths

We all do things that undermine our opportunity for success, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  When speaking to high school students, Doug realized they had all been told time and again how to be successful.  The challenge for them, like so many of us, is to realize the consequences of some of their choices, and how they undermine their success.  Communities are no different.  Many want success, make plans for it, and work hard to be successful, but daily they make decisions or display attitudes that work counter to their long range goals. If we simply stop doing what encourages failure, and ensure our attitude is aligned with our goals, our communities can and will prosper well into the next generation.  The first step in producing a healthy community is to realize that success depends on community members possessing a deep and real willingness to change, and a desire to fight for success. If a community doesn’t truly desire it, nothing will change.

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