Dustin Bajer

Dustin Bajer is an educator, permaculture designer, master gardener, and self-described network nerd. Raised in the country and living in the city, Dustin is passionate about design that combines natural and built elements. Since 2009, Dustin has been practicing permaculture and in 2010 pitched the idea of creating a cross-curricular school garden to the principal of Jasper Place High School. Since then, Dustin and his students have designed two school food forests and have built Canada’s first high school aquaponics system. In 2011, Dustin began building beehives and keeping honeybees is his urban backyard. He currently sells his beecentric beehive design on the local market and produces more honey than he knows what to do with. In 2013, Dustin became a member of Edmonton’s Food Council to which he currently co-chairs. While on council, he hopes to address issues around land use, edible landscaping, urban agriculture, and biodiversity. During the Summers of 2014 to 2016, Dustin worked closely with the City of Edmonton’s Roots for Trees program to pilot native food forestry in one of the Edmonton’s river valley ravines. Containing thousands of plants, the forest garden is entirely native and edible.

Dustin presently consults for Sustainable Food Edmonton, Northlands, the John Janzen Nature Centre, and Edmonton Zoo on agriculture education program development. He teaches local beekeeping and permaculture courses, builds and sells beehives, and is working with community members to create an urban honey co-op.

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