Lynn Olenek, MSA

Executive Director, Heartland Housing Foundation

Lynn Olenek is currently the Executive Director of Heartland Housing Foundation, a management body that provides affordable and seniors housing for the sub region of Strathcona County and the City of Fort Saskatchewan. Lynn saw the opportunity to work in the housing sector as a logical step in her career, and being able to work in her community was a definite bonus.

She has extensive experience in management and leading teams through growth and change. She believes the not-for-profit housing industry has a key role to play in communities as they not only provide housing to their citizens, but also work with community partners to build a diverse community where all can live and work. Safe, affordable housing creates a strong foundation for families. This in turn creates healthier citizens and ultimately a diverse, vibrant community.

The opportunity to work with the recommendations of the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing and expand this work into the sub region falls within the mandate of Heartland Housing Foundation, and is an exciting opportunity to partner with local stakeholders to develop community-owned solutions.

Lynn believes “when the citizens of the community are part of the decision making process, then the outcome is owned by that community, and is more likely to see long-term success.”

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